We are in danger of losing very important records of what life in Rimington has been like in the past.
Some of the most informative records come by way of people’s memories about their own experiences. The very way a voice sounds in recollecting the past can highlight words, phrases and dialect that are fast disappearing, but are part of our heritage and who we are.
Much has been written about our village, but we do need real live voices to speak of the past, so that younger ones can listen now, and in the future share and enjoy those amazing stories which they have tucked away.

As part of the Pendle Hill Fund Oral Heritage project, after Covid lockdown in 2021, Lesley Marklew started to record some villagers, mainly those who knew Rimington and Middop in earlier days. These recordings are available on the following website pages. Where possible relevant photographs have been included.

These recordinngs are in addition to the 66 recordings of Christine Thistlethwaite's poems, many in dialect, and many inspired by her experiences of rural life at Lower Gills, Rimington.

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