Mary Bairstow 1 350                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Mary Bairstow of Yew Tree Farm                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Yew tree farm 350      Stopper Lane no people 350   

   The original Yew Tree Farm and  abbatoir              Stopper lane with property where Mary lived, on RHS                                                                                         

Familys home at Newby 350      02_-_Yew_Tree_Farm_350.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Middle property at Newby where Mary later lived   Yew Tree Farm; Mary's home  (2021)

Mary’s very early years were spent in Heywood near Manchester. Her father was a butcher and in about 1939 he purchased the abbatoir and butcher's business at Newby, in Rimington, from a Mr Summersall . She moved to the village at the age of 5 and initially the family lived in one of the weavers’ cottages in Stopper Lane, where Mary became  firm friends with Mary Carr who also lived in one of the cottages in the row. At that time the Spencers’ woodshed next to the Memorial Institute, was a favourite play place for the two Marys, who were regarded as "very quiet and well-behaved little girls".  

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Edith Carr Mar C Mary B Bertha C off to Gisburn School 350   Mary B Mary C 350   Mary B pet lamb 350   Mary on bicycle 350   

Children with Lady 350 PC of Newby 350

 Edith Carr, Mary Carr, Mary Bairstow & Bertha Carr outside Institute    Mary Bairstow and Marry Carr    Mary B with pet lamb   Mary on tricycle    Pet dog     Postcard of Newby

 The young people liked swimming in Stankill beck, near the raiway line.

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Back Edna Burns Mary C Jennie Mosley Edith CFront Mary B Bertha C 350

 Swimming at the 'Lido'

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  Dormitories at Grassington sanatorium 350     Mary visited by her parents 350      Mary with 2 staff 350   

  Christmas party 350      Grassington meadow boardcrop for web

Dormitories at Grassington TB hospital   Mary with her parents on a visit   Mary between 2 nurses    Christmas Day meal at the hospital     Interpretation board  on site of hospital

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Newby Ingledene 350

Black and white property at Newby (where different occupants influenced Mary's choices in life) 

There were a number of holiday cabins in the area, based on railway carriages and one on a tram. 

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Jolly Croft Camp 350

This shows Jolly Croft Camp, which was behind Hollins.

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Mr Summersall 350

                                                                                                                                            Mr Summersall